Win Your Fantasy Baseball Playoffs

Fantasy baseball leagues are won in September, when the Head-to-Head playoffs crunch the numbers and anoint a champion. Here are the players who outperformed their usual value in September.

HR Metrics

In recent years HR has come under the strong scrutiny of top management and boards. Human resource management, in order to become a strong influence and business partner, will need to construct new plans to affect their organization in the long run. Here are recommendations for HR professionals to present their worth to the business, and examples of companies that have used specific metrics to identify HR effectiveness.

Minority Influence for Status

Moscovici’s studies have found evidence that a minority can in fact have influence over a majority. But what factors manifest this influence? Moscovici, Lage, and Naffrechoux (1969) found that minorities could influence the majority even when not endowed with power, status, or expertise. In later studies, Moscovici confirmed his two step process to gain influence as a minority. First the minority had to create a conflict with the majority norm, an accepted idea. Then, to exert influence, the minority needed to be consistent to appear confident and knowledgeable. Current research suggests that consistency is the foundation of minority influence, yet I will argue that status, as a supplement to consistency, also plays a major role. As long as the minority appears consistent, status could potentially bolster the conversion effect, in three main ways.

Bay Terrace

Once there was a garden of long weeds,
Stalks of wheat and grass to my untrained eye.
The grasses abounded
With mosquitoes and flies
Biting at my young arms.
And my legs ran by, hurrying to enter
The dark, smoky room of games,
Old and new. The tight togetherness
And the pounding excitement
Of descent into a mystical dungeon,
With a sweaty release of energy.

No Life Without Love

With their spirit defeated, characters in both Carson McCullers’s novel The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter and the movie Fight Club feel like slaves. The American economy and culture made characters in each novel feel hopeless, depressed, or angry. However, through their struggles, the characters discovered that love uplifted them and presented the meaning of …

Responsibility, or Death

As author John Irving might suggest, we live in a dangerous world. Irving always warns his children of danger, and admits The World According to Garp “is a novel about being careful, and about that not being enough,” (Garp Afterword). Irresponsible adventures plagued Jenny, T.S. Garp, Walt, and nearly every other character in Garp. At …

Iron Shoes of Art

Bulky, imposing, beautiful, queer, and satanic are just a couple of adjectives used to describe Yan Shpilsky’s big metallic boots. But are they works of art? To answer this baffling question, or to at least formulate my own decision, I turned to the leaders of tomorrow for their valuable insight.

Writing With Daoism

Harris Beringer did not strive to write this paper. Harris did not try to do it. It was just done. If this seems to be impossible, you just do not understand it. You cannot try to understand it either, for that also means that you do not understand. Yes, Daoism can be frustrating.